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The global movement towards safe guarding environment and reduction in green 
house gases has resulted in rapid increase in demands for energy saver products 
and renewable energy. One such energy friendly product is LEDs, potential to reduce electricity consumption by 80%.

Bematech 18 years’ experience in electronic components trade and LED Light source being one of those components has created a unique opportunity for the company to enter into general lighting market using LED as the light source.

For the past 2 years we have gathered a comprehensive range of LED lighting products to be used in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

With our design and manufacturing ability, we are offering customers a one stop source of supply for their lighting needs.

Our lighting products have been used in buildings and projects around the island and in overseas. Locally, commercial buildings like Republic Plaza, City Square Mall, NEX Shopping Mall, 
MDIS University, TGC Grassroots Club and residential places like Richmond Park, 

Avila Gardens, Balmorals Gate, The water side and many more…

We strongly believe in the very bright future ahead for LED lighting industry. 
Our goal is to create a common global lighting network, to enable us to increase the sales volume and reduce production cost in order to achieve a sustainable progress and competitive advantage.  

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